Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The best way to Establish

For example, some audio files may be from a person who ordered notes for private diary or a novel, while transcript jobs may need lots of sector specific research for terms and phrases beyond ordinary day-to-day language. So while some transcriptionists may establish their rates according to research and sophistication time, others just charge a set rate regardless of how complicated it's or what the content.

Many start transcription rates establish their transcription rates to get going in the company, subsequently raise their rates based on their degree of competence and expertise in the area.

But you are looking to take from a bigger transcription business or whether you are establishing your rates as a company owner, you need to ensure you're getting paid a decent rate without shortchanging or undercharging yourself simply because you are new to the area. You definitely do not need to work simply because you are new to general transcription.

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